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V-A: Universal Theory of Weak Interaction
In the mid-fifties nuclear beta decay was characterized by scalar and tensor interactions. But with this, no universal Fermi Interaction governing nuclear beta decay, muon decay and muon capture would be possible. After the discovery of parity violation in beta decay there was renewed interest, but no satisfactory solution was forthcoming.

In his graduate research under Robert Marshak, Sudarshan studied these questions. He recognized that not all experimental results were consistent and so some of them must be wrong. By a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the results of all the weak decay data he came to the far reaching conclusion that a V-A structure of weak interaction could explain all but four crucial experiments. Marshak and Sudarshan suggested that these four experiments should be redone and if they also yielded the predicted results then there would be universal Vector-Axial Vector (V-A) interaction that would fit all data including muon decay and muon capture. This interaction was "chiral"; that is, it preferred left handed particles. Within a year, the four experiments were redone and gave the results predicted by Sudarshan. The discovery of the universal V-A structure of weak interactions was crucial to the unification of the weak and electromagnetic interactions by Weinberg, Salam, and Glashow.

Sudarshan continued his research on weak interactions, in collaboration with Okubo, Marshak, and Weinberg and studied the decay of strange particles. In the course of the study of decay of the Lambda hyperon, they solved a singular integral equation for the final state interaction about the same time as the celebrated Omnes solution. The isotopic spin selection rules for the decay of the various K-mesons were also worked out.

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REVIEW: V-A: Universal Theory of Weak Interactions

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